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Joshua Tree National Park - Artist in Residence Day 20

Desert Queen, Eagle Cliffs, Astro Domes, and Bouldering

This was one incredible day.  I can't believe how much exploration and adventure can fit into 10 hours.  I started the day with a hike in the Queen Valley area, first to Desert Queen Mine, which I've been to several times, and then continuing along to the trail's end at the Eagle Cliffs.  After spending another day hiking a popular area that has historical artifacts around, I'll add another quick reminder to hike responsibly, take only photos, leave only footprints, and please stay on trails.  This park had nearly 3 million visitors last year, so think of the impact people can have.  If just 1 in 100 picks a flower or moves an artifact (yes, this includes old wire and tin cans), that's 30,000 people, and it would be a significant, and sad, impact.  So please, be cool.  

Next I drove over closer to the Barker Dam area to hike out to the Astro Domes, a popular climbing area.  The trail leaves from the wash behind …

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